We just activated new features inside our Customers Area, some of which had been requested by our customers. This post will provide an overview of new functionalities.

Notification of cancellation requests

Our customers can request cancellation of any of our services through the Customers Area but up until today no visual notification was displaying when a service has been cancelled but still active, assuming that our customer won’t opt for an immediate cancellation.

We now display a notification inside Customers Area when a service has been cancelled. That is especially useful for customers that manage many services.

ECB exchange rate

For customers residing outside the eurozone we provide prices in both EUR and USD. We will now use ECB official exchange rate to display pricing in other currencies to provide more accurate pricing. Please notice that payment gateways like PayPal or banks could apply their own exchange rate thus actual amount could be slightly different than the one that we display.

Automatic renewal setting

Our customers will now be able to change automatic renewal settings for their services, without the need to request for a change to our billing department. Automatic renewals will only generate a pro-forma invoice if no credit has been deposited on the relevant account and there is no active subscription to provide a payment.

That means that no automatic renewal will actually happen until payment has been provided. When disabling the automatic renewal, customers should pay attention to the fact that services will then need to be manually renewed or it will be suspended and then cancelled.

On the other hand, disabling automatic renewal avoids credit to be mistakenly used to renew a service when no decision had been made about the cancellation. Customers are encouraged to explicitly cancel a service if they are sure about such decision, instead of letting it expire, and disable automatic renewal only when no decision has been taken yet.

Manual renewals

Manual renewals have been introduced to allow customers to renew their services anytime they wish. That is useful and even mandatory when automatic reneal has been turned off or when customer wants to renew his/her service earlier than the date set for automatic renewal.

By using this new functionality customers won’t need to ask our Billing Department to emit pro-forma invoice anymore and the whole procedure can be managed inside the Customers Area. However, users should pay attention to the fact that manual renewals will change the expiration of the affected service because renewal will be set to the date when user will manually request it and thus the expiration will be calculated starting from that date. Moreover, manual renewal is the mandatory option to renew a service if automatic renewal has been deactivated.

Prevent credit from being automatically used

Customers can request to our Billing Department to switch off the functionality that allows credit to be automatically used to pay invoices. Once deactivated, when user deposited credit on his/her account, such amount will not be automatically used to pay pro-forma invoiced when generated. Instead, pro-forma invoices will remain unpaid and user will need to manually use his/her credit to perform payment.

That is useful for customers with lots of active services in order to prevent unwanted payment of invoices. if a customer forgot to disable automatic renewal for a service, his/her credit could be used to pay for a service they would like to cancel and sometimes such renewal cannot be rolled back, for example in case of domain renewals.

However, customers should pay attention when deactivating this functionality because then each invoice will need to be manually paid even when he or she has credit deposited inside the Customers Area. If a customer forgets about that, maybe because he thinks that credit will be auto-applied to that invoice, that could lead to service suspension or cancellation.

Improved flexibility

We are adding new features to our Customers Area to improve flexibility and ease management of our services, especially for those customers that have many active services.

We will add new features very soon but in the meantime please contact our Support Department for more information.