VaiSulWeb goal has always been to build a platform of services that our customers could exploit to build up-to-date and modern solutions. During the past few months, we have been silently scanning the market and talked to developers to understand what their needs were in a time when most developers are moving from on-premise deployments to cloud or hybrid deployments. Since we aim at building a platform for our customers, VaiSulWeb needs to create a portfolio of services so that our users can be able to design their solutions based on their requirements and compose our services according to the technologies they need.

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Permissions and options that can be configured for every bucket

One of the most common requests our customers made was about having an universal storage service that could be used as a storage mechanism in different scenarios but considering the very basic need of cloudifying  company or personal storage, bringing those data out of offices to the cloud so that multiple users could share it or access it on the go.

So today we’re announcing a new storage service that is compatible with Amazon S3, which is de-facto standard for storage services on the cloud. The new service will make available to our customers a wide range of scenarios, from simply storing personal or company data on the cloud for faster access and sharing to more complicated scenarios like using storage services as backends for desktop or mobile applications.

Why  we are releasing an S3-compatible storage service

Supporting S3 as a storage protocol allows VaiSulWeb services to be compatible with hundreds of existing software and apps, running  on desktop, mobile and also server systems. Moreover, S3 is also used as a backend for Web applications and for example many WordPress plugins exist that can store images or other contents into S3 buckets.

Be it storing personal files in the cloud to access them via Windows or Mac clients that attach a virtual disk to a computer to emulate a local disk or an application on a smartphone or more complicated scenarios like designing a backend for a desktop or mobile application, the new S3-compatible service brings modern and efficient designed-for-the-Internet-era cloud storage to VaiSulWeb customers and it is a perfect complement to integrate with other storage solutions that our customers already use, whether it is part of a website or a virtual machine.

Many of our customers use FTP accounts to build personal or company repositories for files, in order to share them across teams or locations or even to share them with 3rd parties. Some of them even use other services like DropBox, Google Drive or something else to avoid difficult protocols like FTP, thus introducing security issues and potentially loosing data sovereignity.

Thanks to the new S3-compatible service such scenario, which are now very common, will be covered and those requirements will be met using a new storage system designed for the cloud era, without the need to use proprietary solutions.

Amazon S3 compatibility grade

As usual, VaiSulWeb didn’t settle simply with a good solution but looked for a way to ensure the best quality of services provided. We decided that our S3 storage had to be one of the best solutions on the market and ensure a very high grade of compatibility with Amazon own S3 services so that our customers, especially those already using Amazon S3, would incur in almost no problem if they decide to switch. Our APIs will be closely matching Amazon own ones and we aim to keep that compatibility grade very high throughout the lifetime of the solution. Customers only need to use software that allows to set a custom endpoint for the S3 storage, a feature that is increasingly becoming an option in most applications that support S3 storage since that protocol is becoming a de-facto standard for Internet-enabled storage solutions.

Data storage but not only that

S3 bucket lifecycle policyThanks to the high compatibility grade with Amazon S3 APIs, our solution will enable advanced scenarios. Every bucket can have customized permission on specific files or the bucket itself, for example to enable public access to its data, and users can also enable lifetime policies for objects, which is handy when you use bucket to store time-sensitive data like log files since bucket owner can automatically remove files after a specified period of time.

Versioning and logging is also supported at the bucket level and website endpoint functionalities are supported, to create small websites out of buckets or to spread resources across different hostnames to parallelize loading of Web pages.

Mobile or desktop app backends

One of most common scenarios that our customers requested from us is enabling storage services for business applications, be they either desktop apps or mobile ones. Also backends for Web API is a common scenario for our customers.

A S3 bucket that has been mounted as a disk to a Windows system

A S3 bucket that has been mounted as a disk to a Windows system

Our new solution is perfect for such scenarios so that developers can rely on a storage system that will be both secure and modern so they can share data across multiple devices if needed or enable work-on-the-go scenarios for their applications.

Security and data availability

Security is one of the key factors for a storage service living on the Internet and our solution will allow both encryption in transit (via SSL/TLS connections) and encryption at rest that can be enabled for each file.

Our clustered infrastructure also allow to provide service continuity for both planned (for example, maintenance events, upgrades and so on) and unplanned events. Moreover, we will soon enable cross-region replica that will allow users to replicate their data to another region and switch to that region in case of disaster that will force us to suspend services for an entire region.

That will also allow geo-aware applications to use the closest location to access data, based on user location.

Billing and costs

Our first location will be The Netherlands, which is the primary location for most of our services but we are planning to provide other regions with United States (East Coast) and Asia that will be our secondary locations soon, based on demand.

We will bill our customers based on actual usage, on a monthly basis. We will also provide trial accounts that will be completely free for 90 days with up to 1GB storage space so that our customers will be able to try the new service and develop integrations with their applications.

Reseller and groups

Multi-user accounts are available to our resellers and companies that need to use large repositories that they will need to part among different users. Customers that are interested in such solutions can contact our support department to discuss the matter.

When this service will be available

We will go live with this new service on June the 1st, 2017. Early-adopters and reseller can contact our support department to discuss early activations, a testing phase and pricing.