Starting on December 1st, 2016 ICANN will apply a new policy to any change of some of the registrant details for any gTLD domain such as .com, .net, .org and all the new TLDs that have been introduced during the last months. It is important to be aware of such changes and check registrant details for all domains under management. The new policy will not affect VaiSulWeb only but all registrars and it will be only effective for domains in the gTLD space so no changes will happen for ccTLD domains such as .it, .de, .fr and so on.

TL;DR – What you need to do
As a quick summary, here’s what you need to do:
  • check that registrant e-mail address for all domains that you manage are valid and active;
  • request any change needed to registrant details before Dec. 1st, 2016 if you want to use the old policy;
  • consider the chance to update registrant details phone field to set a new phone number that can receive SMS messages while pondering if that would respect your privacy since registrant phone number is a publicly-available field;
  • remember that any domain will be locked for 60 days after registrant changes;
  • remember that there will be no changes to fees that VaiSulWeb charges for such operations.
The new policy for registrant changes

ICANN decided to change its policy regarding registrant details changes. Its goal is to make any change to registrant details clearly visibile and to avoid abuses, especially unwanted or malicious transfers. Effective December 1st, 2016, any change to the following registrant fields will trigger the new policy:

First name
Last name
E-Mail address

When one or more of those fields will be changed, registrar for the domain will automatically send two e-mail messages for approval, the first one to the old registrant and the second one to the new registrant. Such e-mails will include a link to visit in order to approve the change. If one of the two parties will not approve the change or if he or she will not reply within 7 days, changes will be void. If e-mail address will not change, the current registrant will receive two different e-mail messages and he or she will need to approve both before any change is performed.

Important: the new policy will only be triggered by a change to one the listed fields for registrant contact. Any change to other contacts (for ex. admin, billing or technical contact) will be performed as usual.

Domain locked for 60 days after any modification
It is important to notice that after registrant details change, domain will be locked for 60 days. The new policy will thus prevent any registrar transfer during the locking period so any domain transfer must be carefully planned if customer wants to be able to transfer domain to other registrar after any modification.

We emphasize that the new policy aims at reducing abuses and unwanted domain transfers so the locking period makes it harder to perform an unwanted domain transfer.

Important: a 60 days domain locking period will prevent any registrar transfer after registrant details modifications.

Important considerations
We encourage our customers to review registrant details for their domains and ensure that registrant e-mail address is valid and active. Should e-mail address be invalid, registrant will not be able to receive approval e-mails and he or she will be unable to approve any modification.

No changes in current update policy will happen before December 1st, 2016 so our customers can request for modifications to registrant details using the old policy until that date, which is enough time to correct any error.

Authorization via SMS
As per ICANN rules, registrant contact details should always be kept up to date. However, in some circumstances, registrant e-mail address might not be valid or might be inactive so some registrars will allow authorization link to be sent via SMS to the registrant phone number that has been set for the domain. Such number should be able to receive SMS (not all phones can do that, for example landlines phone numbers) so our customers might consider changing registrant phone number and set a SMS-capable device.

Our customers can request such modification to our support department. Notice that changing registrant phone number will not trigger an authorization procedure. However, registrant phone number is publicly available in WHOIS data so our customers should balance between privacy (a publicly available phone number that might be linked to a personal device) and convenience (being able to receive a SMS in case of need).

Authorization via SMS should be considered as an emergency measure. Not all registrars will allow that and, when available, user will incur in additional costs set by the registrar itself. It is thus very important to avoid relying on SMS authorization and keep registrant details up to date.

Important: authorization via SMS is not allowed by all registrars. When available, users will incur in additional costs.

Changes to VaiSulWeb policies
The new ICANN policy will also change how VaiSulWeb will handle registrant details modifications for all gTLD domains and thus also domain registrant changes (“trades”). While our company usually requested proof of an agreement between the old and new registrants, including a copy of identity documents for both parties, the new policy will allow us to simply rely onto the new procedure to provide identification for old and new registrants so no printed documents will be needed in most cases. However, using authorization via SMS could require additional proofs of identity from parties.

Impact on costs
There will be no difference in costs after the new policy becomes effective. VaiSulWeb will charge costs upon requesting registrant details modifications and such costs are set to an hour of extra maintenance at standard tariffs. However, since in most cases there will be no need to provide documentation about the trade, VaiSulWeb plans to automate this operation when all necessary conditions are met (both authorization e-mail addresses should be active). When that operation will be automated, VaiSulWeb will waive all costs for such modifications.

Should you need more information, please contact our support department.