A few weeks ago, TuCows Inc. announced that it entered a definitive agreement to acquire MelbourneIT wholesale reseller channel, thus acquiring the entire base of active domains and resellers previously ran by the Australian company. As a long-time partner for MelbourneIT (a partnership that ran since 1998), VaiSulWeb  became partner for TuCows Inc. and it now has access to the OpenSRS platform. Internet domains previously managed by MelbourneIT on behalf of VaiSulWeb, will now be managed by TuCows Inc. through its OpenSRS platform. That change is related only to a small part of our gTLDs.

What changes for our customers

Only about 10% of our entire user base will be affected by this change and no major changes should be expected. Renewal operations will still be managed through our Customer Area and no direct contact nor any interaction is needed with TuCows. The only visible change for our customers is that they will receive periodic communications from OpenSRS to remind them to keep their domain contacts updated. That periodic message is mandatory because of ICANN rules and while it has been sent by MelbourneIT in the past, it will be sent by OpenSRS from now on.

Our customers should take note of that change in order to properly distinguish mandatory ICANN messages from fraudulent messages sent by other registrars that attempt to force a domain transfer.

Will this change affect domain costs ?

The switch from MelbourneIT to TuCows will have no impact on domain renewal costs nor do we expect any change in costs for future registrations.

What are gTLDs affected by this change ?

Only a small fraction of our gTLDs will be affected by the switch, namely some .com, .net, .org, .biz and .eu domains. As said, about 10% of our domain base was managed by MelbourneIT.

Advantages of the new partnership

We expect that the new partnership with TuCows Inc. will bring advantages to our customers over time. Through OpenSRS, VaiSulWeb will be able to access more than 600 TLDs that we will integrate into our existing offering, substantially extending our ability to provide choice for our users. We also expect to be able to reduce costs for a part of our available TLDs.

Moreover, again via OpenSRS, we will introduce new services in the SSL digital certificate offering, for example all certificates released by Comodo Group Inc.

OpenSRS will be fully integrated in our Customer Area, thus making most of its operations completely automatic.

We encourage our customers to contact our Support Department, should they have any questions or should they need any information about our new partnership and the changes that it will bring.