This post will provide more information about backups for shared and cloud hosting services offered by VaiSulWeb. Moreover, wee recently changed our backup platform and  thus we also slightly changed our backup policies. This post will provide details to our customers, ensuring that they can understand how, what and when we can provide backups.

Backup policies for shared and cloud hosting services

Like we detailed in another post on our blog, data backups are always optional for VaiSulWeb services. Our customers are free to decide whether they want us to provide some additional security by backing up their data at a cost or if they want to take care of that themselves.

Our customers thus need to explicitly sign up for optional backup services to get additional protection. That is very important because, if customer didn’t sign up for a backup service, he or she will not be able to recover his or her data stored inside our backup copies. There are technical reasons for that but those go beyond the scope of this post. The important thing is that a customer won’t be able to recover data if he/she didn’t sign up for an optional backup service and that rule cannot change for anyone.

Signing up for a backup service is what customers need to be included in backup operations. Then an additional cost will be needed for each restore request.

Backup frequency and retention policies

The following tables provide details about backup frequency and retention policies for backed up data. Each service has a different backup frequency.

Shared hosting services

Content type Backup frequency Retention
Websites data/contents every two weeks 2 recovery points
Databases weekly 2 recovery points
E-Mail data weekly 2 recovery points

As explained in previous table, website data and contents (basically, things you upload via FTP or WebDeploy protocols) will be backed up every two weeks. We will store up to two recovery points and that will provide access to contents published during last 28 days (roughly).

Database and e-mail data (messages, files, calendars etc.) will be backed up every week, with two recovery points available thus customers should be able to recover data from last 14 days.

Cloud hosting

We will store two kind of data for cloud hosting services : website contents and databases.

Content type Backup frequency Retention
Website contents daily 7 recovery points
Databases daily 7 recovery points

So for cloud hosting services we are backing up data every day and we will retain data for 7 days.

Enterprise mail and collaboration services

Enterprise mail and collaboration data have a faster backup frequency:

Content type Backup frequency Retention
Mail and collaboration data every 6 hours 16 recovery points

Retention is set to (roughly) 4 days but a faster backup cycle reduce risks to lose important data. As this service will store important information for our users like calendars, contacts, chats and more, the ability to reduce the window of a possible data loss is a key factor for a mission critical service.

What customers get when they sign-up for backups

When a customer signs up for an optional backup for one of the products when mentioned earlier, his/her data will be included in backups VaiSulWeb routinely performs with the frequency that has been described. For each restore request there will be an additional fee to pay. There are no limits to restore requests a customer can file per year but each of them will have an additional cost.

Data restore guarantees

VaiSulWeb backup services must be considered as a facilitation by our customers. They are aimed at a quick recover of data in case of emergency, being a copy already inside our datacenters with no need to re-upload everything from scratch. However, VaiSulWeb cannot provide any guarantees that data can be recoverable at all so it is considered a best practice to have at least another copy of your own data beside the one we will maintain through our backup services.

Virtual machines

As explained in another post, there will be no backup copies of customers’ virtual machines unless the corresponding backup service will be active for that virtual machine.

Higher backup frequencies

What if customers need higher backup frequencies than those provided by VaiSulWeb ? For example, a customer might want to backup his database or website contents on a daily basis, instead of every 7 or 14 days as scheduled for those services. In that case, two options exist:

  • that customer can implement backups on his own to meet his requirements;
  • he could contact our support department to request a customized backup service.

Many companies asks for customized backup services and policies as they need to meet specific requirements or must support very complicated scenarios. We can provide solutions for such needs so we ask our customers to contact our support department to discuss available options.